Celebrations Manager


Celebrations Manager

Parish Management Software by Mass Intentions Online delivers you a dynamic record-keeping system that helps to track Baptisms, Weddings, Quinceañeras, Reconciliation, and Funerals.  Use it to keep all of your information in one place and make it accessible by your staff from any location. Includes scheduling, finances, reporting, and communication features.


​Baptism Tracker

​Our Baptismal Module ​helps the parish staff stay organized as they​ prepare for this exciting Sacrament of Welcome.  Put Baptism dates on your calendar and then, as candidates enter your preparation program, you can easily add them to your existing schedule. Record all of the necessary pieces of information surrounding infant, child, or adult baptism:  candidate name and birth information, parents' marriage and contact information, godparents sacrament and contact information, prep classes, records locations, fees, and payment details, and fields to record special baptismal circumstances.

​When your candidates come back years later for another sacrament or asking for a certificate, you will ​be able to ​eliminate the step of painstakingly searching the Baptismal Register for their details.  Just do a quick search ​on PMS by MIO ​to find the information you need.


Wedding Tracker

​Our Wedding Module​ makes the task of collecting and recording Marriage details a piece of (Wedding) Cake!  Each Wedding record includes sections for the Bride and Groom.  Keep track of their contact information, sacraments, and any pre-Cana requirements.  The ceremony screen allows you to enter Mass details​ and ​rehearsal information, ​assign a ​celebrant/deacon, ​record ​the stipend ​and requested offering amounts, as well as keep track of where the physical record will be stored.  Add additional fees to the balance due for the Celebration and enter payments right from the ​record itself.​


Funeral Tracker

​Our Funeral Module, like the other Celebration modules, makes it easy​ for various staff members to add information as it becomes available and then access the record wherever and whenever information is needed.  Whether talking with the funeral home, meeting with the family, or connecting with loved ones over the phone, the pastor, deacon, pastoral assistant, or anyone on staff can find information already entered, and add more as it is received.

Record details about the deceased, pertinent contact information, funeral home arrangements, the requested offering amount, and additional fees.  There are pages to record the details for each part of the celebration:  the Funeral Mass, wake, funeral home service, interment, and Memorial Mass.  Available fields for each of the Masses allow you to record the names of family members filling each Mass role, notate the reading and Gospel passages chosen to be proclaimed, and indicate selected music choices.


Quinceañeras Tracker

When it is time for the young ladies of your parish to celebrate turning fifteen in this faith-based, Latino, rite of passage, our Quinceañeras Module will help parish staff to keep all of the many details straight.  The record for this celebration includes categories for details about the ceremony, the sweet fifteen candidate, her sacraments, her family, the role that faith plays in their lives, and tools to record fees and accept payments.  


All of our Celebrations trackers allow office staff to:

  • generate financial reports of each event to print
  • email details of the event to those who need to be in the know
  • print out a summary page that can be stored to meet your parish's record-keeping requirements